Very Light Jet ( VLJs )

The entry level part of our private jet fleet consists of 2 types of VLJs. Very Light Jets are a relatively new class of private jet that offers cost efficient business travel across Europe for 1 to 4 passengers plus luggage. With multiple jets in position across the UK this part of the fleet provides our regular jet travelers with a boardroom in the sky to get where they need to be quickly. All the usual refinements are built into these pinnacles of technology.

Cessna Citation Mustang 4 seat very light jet

4 seat citation Mustang private jet available to charter

Our 4 seat Cessna Citation Mustang private jets are positioned around Europe and the UK providing cost efficient private jet transport. The Mustang is the entry level to our fleet and has the lowest operating cost of a private jet. With a leather appointed cabin this jet is ideal for flights with four of up to 2 hours and with 2 passengers up to 2 hours 50.

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Citation Mustang VLJ

The most cost efficient jet in the sky today with 22 Mustangs positioned across Europe and the UK its an ideal choice for short hops

Embraer Phenom 100 4 seat very light jet

4 Seat Phenom 100 private jet

The 4 seat Phenom 100 is a new type of very light jet with a longer range than the Mustang and an on board toilet this aircraft is the latest in very light jet technology. The passenger cabin is designed by BMW so feels larger in fact this feels like a large jet but wrapped in a small package.

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Phenom 100 VLJ

Cost efficient with a longer range than the Mustang with 12 jets positioned across Europe and a larger feel cabin, ideal for 4 passengers.