Private Jet charter

Private Jet Charter

Experience the ultimate luxury and convenience with our private jet charter services. Fly in style, comfort, and privacy to any destination around the world. Our dedicated team of experts ensures a seamless and personalized travel experience tailored to your needs. Discover the unparalleled benefits of private jet travel today.


helicopter hire

Helicopter charter

Indulge in the utmost luxury and convenience with our exceptional helicopter charter services. Whether you need to reach a remote location, attend a special event, or simply enjoy a breathtaking aerial tour, our experienced pilots and top-of-the-line helicopters are at your service. Book your helicopter charter today for an unforgettable experience.


Air Taxi Charter

air taxi Charter

Immerse yourself in the future of travel with our air taxi charter service. Skip the traffic and enjoy a seamless, luxurious journey to your destination. Our fleet of state-of-the-art aircraft is ready to take you wherever you need to go with convenience and style. Book your air taxi charter today for a truly unforgettable travel experience.


PrivAte Jet Charter

Private plane charters offer rapid flight quotes and estimates of flight costs tailored to your charter flight requirements. Offering new jets, low costs, superior flights, and type-rated pilots and crew. With a large fleet of NEW private jets available to charter 24 hrs. Expert in private jet charter and consistently exceeding expectations with attention to every flight detail.


Helicopter charter

Helicopter Charter or hire with Charter-A Ltd, the specialist in private helicopter hire. Charter helicopters positioned around the UK. The helicopter fleet consists of single and twin-engine helicopters offering cost-effective 3-passenger helicopters up to twin-engine VIP jet turbine helicopters carrying up to 16 passengers. With experienced helicopter pilots, ground staff and a helicopter flight operations team, we can assist with your helicopter charter.


air taxi

Air taxi refers to any aircraft, typically light, flying short hops between smaller airports and main airport destinations. The benefit for the customer is that air taxi private planes cost less than a private jet charter. We have a large fleet of air taxi aircraft based around the UK and Europe available to charter.


Gulstream private jet on the runway

Private flights to any destination

Experience luxurious and comfortable travel with our private flights, available to any destination. With access to a wide range of jets and turboprops worldwide, we can customize your travel experience to suit your specific needs. Whether you need to attend a business meeting or a major sporting event, our private flights ensure you arrive in style, feeling refreshed and prepared to tackle the day ahead. Escape the inconvenience of commercial travel and indulge in the comfort and luxury of our private flights.

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Private jets fleet

Jet fleet

Whether you are a company, corporate broker, trader, banker, or private individual, Charter-A Ltd is ideally placed to supply the jet you require within your budget. We have direct access to jets from a CJ1 to a 777 worldwide. We want to be your first point of call to rent a private jet. All aircraft are flown per UK, European, or FAA air operations certificates.

One phone call connects you to our central private jet operations centre, which will deal with your business from start to finish. Experts in the ins and outs of our private jet fleet place the most appropriate, cost-effective aircraft at your disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Corporate service is handled in a secure, confidential & expert way with that personal touch.

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Corporate helicopter branded with logo

Helicopter fleet

Helicopter types to suit whatever your requirement, having access to large helicopter fleets throughout the UK and Europe. So if it’s for a helicopter tour over London or needing to get to multiple destinations in one day without the hassle, then providing your drop-off address has sufficient landing area, we can get you point to point without ground transport being involved. Saving time is our goal.

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Air Taxi


Charter-A Ltd offers a range of private plane charter flight options. Operating air taxi flights throughout the UK and Europe, providing a choice of aircraft appropriate for specific flight operations. Air Taxis cater for short flights for a passenger load of 1 – 80. The benefits are clear: cost savings for your flights against full-blown private jets. The flight cost per mile can be up to a third less expensive with lower-cost landings.

See our air taxi page.

Charter-A Ltd

a trusted private aircraft charter provider.

Charter-A Ltd treats our customers how we would expect to be treated. Our team are genuinely experts at chartering aircraft across the globe. We provide an honest, transparent and singular price for an outstanding bespoke service always tailored to our clients. Once your private flight is booked with us, our team will take your flight personally and do whatever is necessary to exceed your expectations time after time. Charter-A Ltd is a reliable private aircraft charter provider that you can trust. Our approach is to treat our customers the way we would expect to be treated. Our team of experts specializes in aircraft chartering across the world. We offer an honest, transparent, and all-inclusive price for exceptional bespoke service that is always tailored to our clients’ needs. Once you book your private flight with us, our team will take personal responsibility for your flight, ensuring we consistently surpass your expectations.