Air charter cargo Flights

Thinking about how to get a vital aircraft part collected or a unique mechanical part delivered in time to satisfy the clients you are servicing. Then why not charter one of our private jets, air taxis or helicopters to ensure you meet the timescales required to keep everyone happy?

  • No delays by us using airport cargo handlers directly
  • Point-to-point delivery when using a helicopter to hire
  • There is no risk of freight being mislaid amongst other deliveries
  • Meeting your criteria on time
  • Limited risk of lengthy delays – using smaller, nearer airfields if required.
  • Car access directly to private aircraft if required
  • In recent destinations, we have flown cargo to and from Newcastle, London, and Glasgow.

Air Freight Forwarder

We at Charter-A Ltd have experienced many requests over the years from sending a replacement window for a Boeing 747 to Denmark to using a helicopter to deliver important paperwork directly to the offices of a media company. We are here to help! Consider what you’ll avoid by using us to freight your shipment or documents in a private jet, turboprop or helicopter.

Types of air cargo

Over the years we have flown all sorts of air cargo from a small box of automotive parts integral to a production line that was super urgent to racehorses and even other aircraft. We have access to all sizes of aircraft able to launch at a moment’s notice. This includes aircraft that are able to carry dangerous goods.

Medical air cargo

Charter-A 2020, from the outset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, ramped up its efforts to assist the medical community in moving essential PPE, drugs and personnel around the globe. The nature of these movements has all by their nature been at short notice. Many of them are extremely large consignments.

For example, 747 cargo aircraft lifted half a million pieces of PPE in a single mission. Let us know your requirement by telephoning us initially so we ensure we gather the correct information.