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Imagine being able to view properties from a whole new perspective – from the comfort of a helicopter. Thus, the concept of viewing the property by chartering a helicopter offers a unique and exciting way to explore potential real estate opportunities. Additionally an aerial survey, you can gain a different perspective on the surrounding area, allowing you to make more informed decisions about your investment.

One of the key benefits of viewing the property by helicopter is the fast access it provides out of London. With congested roads and limited time, travelling by road can often be time-consuming and inefficient. However, with a helicopter, you can bypass traffic and arrive at your destination quickly and effortlessly.

Charter-A Ltd is one company that offers this extraordinary service. Lifting from Battersea Helicopter allows you to soar above the cityscape, providing unparalleled views and access to properties that may otherwise be difficult to reach. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial properties, this innovative approach opens up new possibilities in your property search.

So why limit yourself to traditional methods when it comes to viewing property? Embrace the efficiency and excitement of aerial exploration with helicopter viewings. Additionally, experience the thrill of seeing properties from a different angle and gain valuable insights into their surroundings. Trust Charter-A Ltd’s Battersea Helicopter for an unforgettable experience that will revolutionize how you view property forever.

Helicopter survey


Accompanied Aerial Property Viewings

It is essential to have a trusted property advisor on your side when purchasing a property. Charter-A Ltd, highly recommends Steven P. Stone Assoc RICS of Stone Survey  to assist in providing Accompanied Aerial Viewings

He is without a doubt the best person to have on your team when purchasing UK and International property. He assists with Prime and Super Prime Central London and Country Houses, Period Properties, Historical Buildings, New Build Properties and English Heritage Listed Buildings.

His approach is friendly, professional and experienced and his company is Regulated by RICS.

Steve Stone Survey

How Steve Stone can help.

Steve says, “Often time can be saved by viewing from the sky, before landing to carry out the internal viewing. I first give property advice to clients at the point of initial inspection to save time and money. If the property is not suitable this can be quickly discounted before landing, giving additional time to move on to the next one.

If the property is of sufficient interest then upon landing I accompany on the internal viewing. If you like the property and agree terms then I will go back and spend time there carrying out a full internal and external property survey and if needed, valuation.

Helicopter property survey

Disposal and acquisition

In addition to survey and valuation, I am well experienced in the disposal and acquisition of property and can assist if required with purchase negotiations and offer general property consultancy advice.

I promise to stay with you, throughout the process from instruction through to the completion of the purchase. This level of commitment and expertise assures that you experience the best service and support from a professional, and in turn, fully understand the property that you are committing to purchase”

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