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Plane charter from Fairoaks airport located in Surrey not far from Blackbushe and Farnborough airports. Whilst the runway is concrete it is in fact too short to operate even our smallest private jet from. We do however have a fantastic alternative plane to charter from Fairoaks in the form of the KingAir 200 Jet Turbine private plane which will carry up to 8 passengers over a distance of 1000 nautical miles. Also from Fairoaks we are able to offer he Agusta 109 Grand Helicopters which can carry up to six passengers and can easily make the center of Paris directly in around 1 hour.

Although a small airport Fairoaks offer benefits such as low operating costs and confidentiality with a high degree of privacy. One minor issue that does arise when operating from Fairoaks in any of our aircraft is that the airport has no ILS approach so the weather needs to be OK on the day. NIght time operation at Fairoaks is possible until around 2230 with advance booking notice to arrange the appropriate safety staff to be on duty

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Fairoaks Airport, Chobham, Surrey GU24 8HU

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