Vaccine passports may or may not become a part of life. This situation has arisen because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, which at present is ongoing. Governments, the WHO, government agencies, commercial airlines and relevant businesses are discussing the matter now. In the future, this could become a requirement when you fly privately or commercially. Standard jurisdiction passports or ID cards unless extreme circumstances continue to be required.

The simple fact is that no one knows, and it would be wrong to speculate. What we can say as a company is that we will navigate this and limit any impact on our passengers on our private jets and air taxi flights.

It has become the norm to provide a negative PCR test 72 hours before your flight; this, in a way, is a sort of medical passport anyway.

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24 02 2021 – The discussion continues with no clarity at this time. Various governments are making noises over what they may call the proof of COVID-19 coronavirus document if it becomes a requirement. It may be a Vaccine passport, Digital Vaccine certificate, proof of vaccination or vaccine travel document. The fact these discussions are taking place, not only about flights but even for specific vocations, suggests this may be a situation worth watching. However, any vaccination travel document in the future is no different than the fit-to-fly PCR document required at the moment; it would likely be far less trouble as you would only need to obtain it once. Only time will tell.

05 03 2021 – This morning, Cyprus announced that it will welcome tourists back from all countries as of May 1st 2021; this is subject to proving that you have had the two required coronavirus vaccines. How this proof is to be provided is as yet unclear. This is the first Vaccine passport, travel for health certificate required by travellers into any country. It makes sense; passengers will not need to self-isolate or take a PCR test. Whilst Cyprus will allow travel as of the 1st and is keen to welcome people on private jets into Larnaca, travel out of the UK is still restricted.

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24 03 2021 – The EU Digital Green Pass

The European Union has come up with the Digital Green Pass. This will take time to implement, but it looks like it will be in time for the Mediterranean seasonal influx of visitors from Northern Europe. People through the Summer fly to their second homes and other flight destinations in the Med. Some European nations are not waiting for the Green Pass and are forging ahead with their Vaccine Passport or Digital Health certificate versions. These include Denmark, Greece, and Italy, with Slovakia already having a Digital Vaccine Passport.

The big question is if these Digital Vaccine passports are all separate entities, will this make flights more difficult, given many nations have different regulations?

The European Union’s Digital Green Pass is due in the next three months, so we will be watching keenly to see how this joins up with all the member states.

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Israel has led the world by vaccinating people against COVID-19. And they continue to do so by already operating a form of digital vaccine passport they call the “Green pass”, which gives its citizens access to travel, gyms, theatres and many other services and places. Read more about Israel’s vaccine passport

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Many companies have been developing Digital Vaccine passports for the last couple of months. The video below offers an interesting perspective on this. The most exciting part is at the end when it says Digital Vaccine passports for travel are weeks away.

Digital Vaccine Passports for travel would seem to be a not-if, but when they will be required. The main problem is the uneven rollout of Vaccination across the Globe. Charter-A and its flight operations team have and will continue to assist its passengers with the travel paperwork required to fly to a given destination. We continue to operate COVID-safe private flights.


Our team of private flight experts is on hand 24 hours a day to assist you if you are unsure whether you can fly, when you can wash and what the requirements are for a given territory or country. We have successfully located the COVID-19-created landscape from the beginning. Having navigated most countries globally, we are well-placed to assist with their restrictions and requirements. It’s worth reading our flight review that passengers have left through the pandemic, and before it, click here.