Is a passport required on a private jet?

A passport or correct travel document is required when using one of our private jets or helicopters; border and entry requirements are the same. The difference is that when flying by private jet, everything becomes much more seamless.

Should I need a VISA to fly by private jet?

In the same way, you would when crossing any Country or Sovereign state border by whatever means, you must ensure that you comply with the relevant immigration requirements, declaring your nationality and status when flying in one of our private jets. This includes obtaining a visa if necessary.

Our flight officers can guide you on the visa requirements for your flight. You must check with the relevant authorities for the required entry and travel documents. Further, you comply with legal requirements when entering another jurisdiction.

Are my travel documents checked?

After booking your private jet, the operations officer will request a copy of your passport or ID for each passenger. Our flight team will then use these documents to create an aircraft manifest sent to the aircraft operations, immigration and border control agencies and the relevant FBO at the destination and departure airports to secure landing rights.

Depending on the country of origin and destination, these documents can often be used to Pre-Clear passengers with relevant border control and immigration agencies, thus making travel seamless and fast into and out of airports.

Passengers must still carry passports and any required legal entry documents. The individual passengers are responsible for doing this by providing personal legal documentation.

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