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Our client required a helicopter from London to Cheltenham for the Gold Cup. Helicopter requirements to the Cheltenham races is one of the busiest weeks for helicopter charter and a popular departure point is Battersea heliport. Our client made the enquiry and booking for the helicopter in December (three months prior to the event) they always book early because the limited availability of helicopter choice and also because they can get the timings they want.

Event Helicopter Bournemouth


This client wanted to arrive in style so the AW139 was the helicopter to give them the wow factor.

  • Date:  12th March 2019
  • Route: Battersea, London @ 10.30 to Cheltenham Racecourse
  • Return: Cheltenham Racecourse @ 18.00 to Battersea, London
  • Helicopter Type: AW139
  • Passengers: 7

For your information due to the time of year the Cheltenham Festival takes place you will always require a twin engine IFR helicopter if you wish to return after the last race. This is due to sunset hours as no single engine helicopter can fly you after sunset.

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Agusta Westland AW139

Boasts the best speed, ride quality, quietness, and passenger cabin space in its class. Active noise-cancellation headphones are provided for extra comfort.

The AW139 is a winning new generation medium twin-turbine helicopter which undeniably sets trends and new standards against which all medium twins are measured. Designed with inherent multi-role capability and flexibility of operation.

  • RANGE – 852 km | 460 NM
  • CRUISING SPEED – 275 km/h | 148 kts
  • ENGINE – Multi-engine turbine