Helicopter hire Cheltenham.

Over the Cheltenham Festival week due to Cheltenham race courses geographic location and the lack of road infrastructure locally the fastest way into our out of the Cheltenham Festival 2020 is to charter a Helicopter. Charter-A Ltd provide helicopter charters to and from the Cheltenham festival from locations around the UK. Why sit in traffic and ruin the best jump racing day of the year when you can access Cheltenham race course in as little as 35 minutes from Central London for example.

Helicopter charter Cheltenham

Cheltenham festival 2020

The Cheltenham festival is one of the most famous jump racing weeks of the year and runs on dates to be announced during March 2020. With the last day holding the race everyone will be waiting for, the Cheltenham Gold Cup, the climax of the jump season and the defining moment in a jockey carer in many cases. To enjoy the day, how you get there matters, the question you need to ask is do you want to sit for hours in traffic or fly in by Helicopter to Cheltenham in a matter of under an hour from most departure points. See Helicopter charter

Approach to Cheltenham Heliport

Cheltenham Heliport.

Cheltenham Heliport is operated on race days only at Cheltenham race course, ground transport is provided as a courtesy from the Helipad to the Grand Stand at the racecourse by four wheel drive Land Rover Discoveries.

Cheltenham Race Course, Evesham Rd, Cheltenham GL50 4SH

Cheltenham Heliport

Cheltenham Heliport operating times.

Chetenham Heliport operates over the Cheltenham Festival week which in 2020 will be in March between the hours of 1000 and 1855 with extensions after 1855 being charged at a premium. The Cheltenham Heliport is subject to VFR weather conditions and twin engine helicopters are advised over this period to ensure your flight is smooth and goes ahead.

Helicopters available to charter to Cheltenham.

Cheltenham Festival every year offers the same challenges with weather and flying helicopters there. This is why we advocate the use of our tin engine helicopters that are a little more weather prepared than single engine helicopters. Twin engine helicopters also make sense from the perspective of this event being attended by small groups, these are far more easily dealt with in helicopters that are capable of lifting larger weights of passengers. Please call us for more information on the correct choice of Helicopter to charter for Cheltenham. + 44(0) 1737 823 733

How to book your helicopter to Cheltenham.

Chartering a helicopter to the Cheltenham races is made easy with Charter-A Ltd. We offer twin engine helicopters from locations of your choice. Contact our operation team who will be happy to assist you with your helicopter charter requirement.

Tel: +44 (0) 1737 823 733

Email: Cheltenham@charter-a.com

Or simply fill our online Cheltenham Helicopter request form.