The flight time from Paris to Geneva by Phenom 100 private jet is below. You should also consider the time you save with little or no check-in time compared to at least one and a half hours for a commercial flight from Paris Le Bourget to Geneva.

For example, the Phenom 100 Private jet has four passengers on board. The Phenom 100, although in the very light jet class, has that feeling inside of more prominent space in than out.

From: LFPB, Paris, Le Bourget ( LBG )

To: LSGG, Geneva, Cointrin Airport ( GVA )

Flight time by private jet: 00:57

Based on private jets, Paris Le Bourget and Geneva airport

Citation XLS +, Citation 2, Citation Mustang, Gulfstream G550, King Air 200 and Falcon 900EX. Please see our jet fleet in Paris for more information. Please get in touch with us for private jet costs, Paris to Geneva or Geneva to Paris.

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