For clients who like to travel in a little more style or are tired of uncomfortable commercial plane seating with minimal leg room, we offer a luxurious experience with our private jet charter for a number or destinations including our extremely popular London to Paris trip. Whether it is a special trip for you and your partner or a business trip, we will provide you with a relaxing flight complete with complimentary food while enjoying the many comforts that come with private jet travel.

Also Providing Private Helicopter Hire

Give your loved one a special treat this year with our private helicopter hire service operating from London to Paris. Arrive in style for your friend’s big birthday celebration or get your hen-do off to a flying start.

With our trips taking 1 ½ hours you can cut the check-in queues and reduce stress by getting to your destination on your time, rather than catering that vital business meeting around airport flight schedules. Instead of having a cup of tea with one eye constantly on the clock, settle in and enjoy your short yet luxurious helicopter flight, taking in the views along the way.

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