Private Jet Sicily

Thinking about how to get to your holiday destination on the island of Sicily? Well why not consider chartering a private jet into either of the two airports in Sicily and avoid hassles of commercial travel.

The two airports we use for private jets to Sicily are Catania Airport and Palermo Airport, Catania is on the eastern side of the Island and Palermo Airport is positioned on the Northern side.

So instead of being one of those passengers trying to get out of the the main terminal as quickly as possible allow us to pre clear you through customs and simply pass through the VIP private charter terminal.

Private Jet Sicily

Private Plane Charter Sicily

Sicily (Sicilia) is rather more than an Italian region with it being famous for its unique character and tranquility Sicily lies to the south of the country and just a short distance from the African coast. Clients tend to travel to Sicily for a holiday location rather than traveling for business, taking a break in Sicily really does give you time to refresh and relax. So instead of relaxing when you arrive there why not start the minute you board your own private jet, that’s when the holiday starts

Consider what you’ll avoid by traveling in a private jet: –

Recent destinations we have flown from is Malta, Nice, Malaga and Zurich.

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