Midsize Private Jet Charter.

The mid-size private jet category with our fleet contains private jets that have the capacity to fly for up to 4 hours with 8 passengers and up to to 2 hours with 10 passengers. All these private jets have much larger stand-up cabins with large washrooms and good external baggage holds. Again as you would expect from Charter-A Ltd we have fleet access across not only the UK and Europe but also the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Russia.

Cessna Citation Sovereign 8/10 seat jet

Citation Sovereign 9/10 seat private jet

Charter Citation Sovereign

The superb Citation Sovereign is a large Midsize jet able to carry out missions across the globe. Accessing the USA from Europe with a light passenger load on this jet is possible non-stop. This private jet has a very large stand-up cabin, entertainment systems, bar, leather fold-flat seats and a range of around six and a half hours with a substantive load.

Citation Sovereign bases – London Luton, London Farnborough, Manchester, Paris Le Bourget, Milan Linate, Palma

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Citation Sovereign Private Jet

The Citation Sovereign offers great range and cabin space and is able to complete longer flights at a lower cost than the larger heavy jets.

Citation VII 8/9 passenger jet

Citation VII private jet for up to 9 passengers

The Citation VII is a very fast jet out performing both the speedy Lear Jet 45 and 60. These jets have updated engines and are able to climb to 37,000 feet in only 18 minutes. Very large and spacious stand up cabin space enhances the passenger experience. The wash room was also designed to double as a dressing room.

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Citation VII

A great cost efficient jet for 8 passengers over longer distances with luggage. Why not request details on your required flight.

Lear Jet 75 8 passenger private jet

Lear Jet 75 up to 9 passengers

The Learjet 75 private jets are the newest offering. With high cruise speeds, futuristic avionics, and an interior that exudes style these jets are becoming more and more popular with our frequent flyers. The Learjet 75 private jet is outfitted with 8 leather seats in 2 club four configuration with 4 hard wood fold away tables. The cabin provides all the updated amenities you would expect in a heavy jet.

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Lear Jet 75

The Lear Jet 75 is the latest series of Jets in our accessible private jet fleet for 8 passengers travelling that little bit further around Europe with luggage.

Embraer Phenom 300 8 seat private jet

Phenom 300 for up to 9 passengers with luggage

The Phenom 300 packs phenomenal performance and cabin space for 8 passengers into a superb package. The rear cabin is probably the most modern in the air today with an oval fuselage shape giving groundbreaking space in a privet jet this size. New avionics innovations large external baggage compartments make this jet fit for 8 passengers on missions around Europe on longer legs.

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Phenom 300

The Phenom 300 offers passengers futuristic and stylish interiors with great performance, speed and value for money for up to 8 passengers.

Citation XLS + 8/9 seat private jet

Charter 9 seat citation xls+

With multiple Cessna Citation XLS private jet positioned across Europe this aircraft is both cost efficient and modern. It offers a spacious cabin and is capable of flights up to 4 hours with 8 passengers on board. All the ususal refinments exist in the large leather appointed cabin, with great baggage space in the from of a large external hold this jet offers a good solution to your requirement always.

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Citation XLS+

The most popular mid sized jet in our fleet today for Europe and beyond for up to 8 or 9 passengers. With 15 of these private jets in position around Europe and the UK this very often will be the most cost efficient solution.

Private jet operations teams

Private jet support teams.

Our private jet operations teams, sales staff and administrations teams are contactable 24 hours a day and work tirelessly from first contact with us to ensure your private jet charter exceeds your expectations.

Private jet Crews

Private jet air crews.

Our private jet air crews and pilots are expert at what they do. They all conduct on going flight training constantley through the year. More than that they understand how to look after you, the passenger. With a mix of professionalism, common sense and expert knowledge giving clients ultimate confidence in us.

Private Jets in you time

Private jet, in your time.

We are here to make your life easy. Our private jet charter service buys you time, peace of mind and affords you the ability to control your own schedule. Once you charter a private jet with us you will be assured of professionalism and ultimate flexibility within your schedule.