Private Jet Leasing – the easy way to own a jet.

Private jet leasing. When you purchase a Charter-A private jet lease you purchase time against an  agreed fleet of private jets that meet your specific requirements. This enables you to enjoy private jet owner ship without the huge expense of owning the asset. Every private jet lease is different and bespoke to the specific flight needs of you, the client.

Owning a Charter-A Ltd private jet lease is advantageous to people who fly 50 hours or more per year and who want flexibility, convenience and beneficial financial rates that a Charter-A Ltd private jet lease offers in comparison to ad-hoc and private jet ownership. Or you can always ad hoc charter which can be more cost efficient see Private jet Charter.

Buy time across an agreed fleet of private jets.

Fly in your own private jet without the substantive upfront costs of owning your own private jet.

Buy the private jet hours that you require

Private jet lease sizes start at 50 hours going up in 20 hour increments. You buy as many flight hours as you require for your private jet flight requirements.

Access your own fleet of private jets or a specific private jet.

Your jet lease is constructed with your needs in mind.

This means you get to use the most appropriate jet for a particular trip, you choose from options provided if you wish to swap to another more appropriate aircraft in your fleet.

Private jets that work in your time, for you.

  • Your private jet can be available in as little as 4 to 6 hours subject to positions and operating hours.
  • We fly to your schedule
  • The world is at you feet, choose from smaller airports that get you closer to where you need to be.

Private jet leasing payment structure

Private jet costs are based on aircraft types within your chosen fleet of private jets and the flight hours required over the length of term chosen. Fixed-term private jet leases can range from 4 to 60 months.

  • Aircraft lease deposit– this amounts to 25% of the aircraft lease cost and management fees.
  • Monthly jet lease fee– this cost is worked out as a guaranteed fixed rate monthly payment.
  • Jet management fee– covers indirect costs which include pilot salaries, training, hangar use, liability insurance, and jet owner support services
  • Your private jet hourly fee– this encompasses the direct hourly fees for operating your chosen private jet. This includes jet maintenance, landing fees, aircraft fuel and 5 minutes taxi time at the beginning and end of each flight.  Wheel up and wheels down.
  • Additional costs– include hourly fuel fee, fuel tax surcharge, VAT ( If applicable ), and ground transportation, as required.

Charter-A Ltd is the difference when flying your private jet.

  • The highest industry flight safely standards
  • Outstanding industry experience.
  • Its your jet your in charge.
  • Any time anywhere your jet will be there.
  • Fly when and where you want
  • Access to smaller airport closer to where you need to be
  • Fly with your pets
  • Outstanding catering
  • 5 minute check in with pre-clearance.
  • Call us anytime to arrange your privet jet.

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