Empty leg flights - Save up to 75%

Save up to 75 % on empty leg jet flights

Empty leg private jet charter

Save up to 75% by chartering and empty leg private jet this means that you charter a jet on its ferry flight to pick up other passengers, whilst its on the ferry flight the jet is empty hence empty leg. Our private jet charter service is very busy with aircraft constantly positioning around the globe, if we can match your flight request to an empty leg along with the timing of the ferry flight you can save up to 75 %, this way of chartering a private jet is only available on one way flights.

Re-routed empty legs - save up to 50%

Re routed empty leg flights

Re-routed ferry and empty legs flights

There are times when your flight requirements do not match empty leg flights exactly. In these cases our team will search available empty legs and seek costs to re route them to match your flight requirements thus saving you up to 50% on your jet charter by the jet making an additional stop on its ferry leg. These will incur additional costs on the empty leg but its far cheaper than straight charter.

Ad hoc jet charter -Save up to 25%

Ad hoc private jet charter

Ad Hoc private jet charter.

When there are no empty legs or re routing aircraft that match your needs Charter-A Ltd can still help save you money on your private jet charter by providing solutions to you for aircraft that are in position and ready to fly. Charter-A Ltd private jet operations team has very close relationships with jet owners and operators through our consistent charter of aircraft, this gives us the buying power to negotiate on you behalf and achieve the best possible private jet charter costs. Our privater jet charter quotes and costs are all fixed and there are never any extra charges that are hidden. A simple contract and small deposit will secure the aircraft at the cost described to you,.

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    Los Angeles - Manchester UK

    Global Express empty leg

    Private Jet coat Manchester

    From KLAX Los Angeles Intl, Los Angeles

    To EGCC Manchester, United Kingdom

    Up to 12 PAX

    Normal cost £86,940

    Empty leg cost £22,640

    Leeds, UK - Geneva, Switzerland

    Group charter saab 2000

    Private jet cost Leeds

    From EGNM Leeds Bradford UK

    To LSGG Geneva, Switzerland

    Up to 33 PAX

    Normal cost £21,690

    Empty leg cost £10,845

    Edinburgh, UK - Cannes, France

    Private jet cost Edinburgh

    From EGPH Edinburgh UK

    To LFMD Mandelieu, Cannes, France

    Up to 8 PAX

    Normal cost £13,690

    Empty leg cost £9,045