Helicopter London City.

Helicopter London City, look no further, we have a private site less than 4 minutes from London City airport. Our helicopters are able to provide airport transfers and helicopter charter flights as required.

Helicopter Charter London City
helicopter London city
Helicopter LCY
London City airport

Helicopter landing site London City.

Landing directly in a helicopter at London City airport is not allowed due to noise abatement orders on the airport, however we have a private landing site less than 5 minutes from the gate at London city airport.

Charter a helicopter London City.

To charter a helicopter from or too London City airport is easy. We offer several types of helicopter both single and twin engine. Chartering a helicopter from our private site at London city also is far cheaper than using Battersea Heliport in the West of London.

Contact our London City Helicopter charter team on +44 (0)20 7781 8094 or fill our our helicopter quote form.

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A guide to helicopter charter in poor conditions:

Weather minima for flights under Visual Flight Rules (VFR):

600 ft cloud base with 3000 m visibility for a short flight.

1000 ft cloud base with 3000 m visibility for longer flights and for Battersea Heliport pick-ups/drop-offs.

Weather minima for flights under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR):

Airport (with ILS) departures require 400m visibility and 400ft cloud base or 600 ft cloud base if precision approach facilities are unavailable.

Off-airfield departures require 800 m visibility and 1000 ft cloud base.

Fog and exceptionally low cloud will prohibit, or at least delay most flights and consideration must also be given to the icing level whilst flying in visible moisture (cloud/rain) and pilots will make a decision based on meteorological information available.