Helicopter Charter Manchester

Manchester has two locations for helicopter hire and they are Manchester Barton heliport which is now known as Manchester City Heliport, the other being Manchester Airport. The most popular Helicopter landing site is Manchester Barton because of it’s close proximity to Manchester City Center this is mainly due to fees to land being lower . Manchester Airport is suitable for helicopter hire and charter if your wishing to depart in unsocial able hours or use one of our private jets based at Manchester airport.

Helicopter charter services.

Helicopter hire to and from Manchester is a popular method of travel due to Manchester boasting two Premier League teams, Manchester United (Old Trafford) and Manchester City (Eithad Stadium). Overseas clients visiting the UK at times request helicopter charter from London to Manchester to see either team so with the flight time being just over 1 hour from London helicopter is a perfect choice. Helicopter transfers at Manchester available for clients who charter a private jet to Manchester.


Helicopters used for helicopter flights to Manchester are twin engine and single engine helicopters, we have the pleasure of supplying you both options. Sometimes choosing a single or twin can be because of your preference or more often than not its due to the times you wish to fly. Night flights have to be in a twin engine. If you require a Helicopter to Battersea click helicopter charter Manchester to Battersea.


Address: Barton upon Irwell, Eccles, Manchester M30

The Heliport is available for use as follows;

  • Winter – between 0900 and sunset and by arrangement.
  • Summer – between 0815 and sunset or 8pm (whichever is sooner) and by arrangement.

Journey time by road to the city centre: 15  – 20mins


Manchester M90 1QX, United Kingdom

The airport is open 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Journey time by road to the city centre: 30mins

Helicopter Manchester Trafford centre.

Read about how we chartered a helicopter and made a first landing at the Manchester Trafford centre with national lottery winners see Helicopter Manchester