Helicopter Bournemouth

Helicopter hire to and from Bournemouth with Charter-a. We provide helicopter hire and charter no matter how many passengers wishing to travel, offer you bespoke helicopter hire based on you specific requirements. Helicopter hire Bournemouth offers you speed in terms of travel and with our extensive knowledge of helicopter availability we can provide you with an immediate quotation giving you competitive helicopter prices.

We have helicopters based throughout the South of England so we can have a helicopter available for charter or hire at short notice to and from Bournemouth Airport, so if you have to get somewhere at short notice for that all important business meeting then do not hesitate to contact us here at Charter-a.


We provide multiple types of helicopters so depending on the following will depend on what type of private helicopter you should hire: –

  • Number of passengers traveling
  • Date of your flight (may depend on what helicopter is available)
  • Time of your flight (Day or night flight)
  • Destination (some private sites may only accept twin engine helicopter)

With access to a large number of single and twin engine helicopters we always tend to provide exactly what you want!

For example: –

  • Agusta Grand (Twin Engine – 6 passengers – day & night flights)
  • AS355 Twin Squirrel (Twin Engine – 5 passengers – day & night flights)
  • Eurocopter EC120 (Single Engine – 4 passengers – day flights only)
  • Eurocopter EC130 (Single Engine – 6 passengers – day flights only)

Helicopter charter flights to Silverstone, Cheltenham, Ascot and Glastonbury are popular events to fly to by helicopter

If you are considering traveling from airport to airport then you may find a private jet Bournemouth or turbo prop plane is the most cost effective option!

Charter-a is still operating whilst abiding by strict COVID guidelines worldwide
We will ensure the safety of the passengers and crew at all times Please consult our team for flight information & advice.