Flight time Manchester to Cannes.

Flight time Manchester to Cannes by Citation Jet 2 private jet takes a little under 2 hours and ten minutes.

This morning our CJ2 private jet positioned from Dusseldorf to collect 5 passengers, 2 adults and 2 children to fly to Nice for their Holiday.

Citation Jet 2 Manchester to Cannes interior
Citation Jet 2 Manchester to Cannes interior

Private jet Manchester to Cannes interior shown in the picture.

The aircraft was loaded with VIP Catering, magazines and of course sweets for the journey for the children. A full VIP complimentary bar has been made available for the adults to ensure a most excellent start to their well deserve holiday.

There check in time is only ten minutes so no waiting around with the bucket and spade crew.

Aircraft: Citation Jet 2+

Flight time EGCC, Manchester to LFMD, Mandelieu, Cannes 2 hours 8 minutes

Happy holidays to our passengers – see private jet Cannes for more information

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