Flight time Ibiza to Mykonos.

The flight time from Ibiza to Mykonos by Citation jet 2 private jet is shown below, it should be noted that there is only a 15 minute check in which differs from commercial flight where a 2 or even 3 hour check in is required.

The citation jet 2 in this example has 4 passengers on board and 8 large suit cases. The Citation Jet 2 + is the standard for light private jets able to carry comfortably 7 or 8 passengers depending on the configuration.

From: LEIB, Ibiza, Spain
To: LGMK, Mykonos, Greece
Flt: 03:06
Charter-A Ltd have a selection of private jets based in Ibiza and during the summer there are private jet movements every day.
For more information about Mykonos airport see private jet Mykonos.

Based Private Jets Ibiza.

Citation XLS +, Citation 2, Citation Mustang, Gulfstream G550, King Air 200 and Falcon 900EX. Please see our jet fleet Ibiza for more information.For private jet costs Ibiza of Mykonos please contact us.

To charter this private plane or other private planes on our fleet please call us on +44 (0) 1737 823 733 or fill out the plane charter quote.

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