Air Taxi charter flights for the UK and Europe.

.An air taxi is a term that refers to any aircraft, usually fixed-wing operating short hops between hard to reach and main airport destinations. Perception of air taxi flights has come to mean that the propeller plane and jet turbine pro plane fall into the air taxi category in the main. Although some of these turbine prop planes will carry up to 70 passengers. The main benefit for the customer is that air taxi private planes work our roughly one third less expensive than a private jet charter.  With access to a large fleet of air taxi planes across Europe, we are in an ideal position to assist. See plane charter fleet.

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Benefits of an Air Taxi.

An Air Taxi is effectively a short-range flight that more often than not utilises regional airports to bring you closer to where you need to be with for business, leisure or an event. Charter-A is ideally placed to provide you access to air taxi flights in Europe and the UK. Youll enjoy the convenience of a private plane charter coupled with Charter-a Ltd exceptional service at up to one third less than a larger private jet. The added benefit of having the whole plane means that you can choose who travels with you. Passenger charges can work out a low as £300 per person when you travel with a full load.

Air Taxi and private plane bases around the UK and Europe where private flights can be performed from Manchester, London Edinburgh, Newquay, Nice, Cannes, Paris, Le Touquet, Frankfurt, Munich, Dublin, Isle of Man, Jersey, Milan, Madrid ae to name but a few bases of our outstanding private aircraft.


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