Flight by private jet from London to Palma.

Private jet charter London to Palma is an especially sought after route currently with Spain beginning to relax its COVID border controls to allow tourism flight and flight to peoples second homes in Palma. A review by the authorities in Palma is due to take place on the 24th May 2020.

We are currently taking bookings for Flights to Palma on our private jets. We take these bookings subject to permissions to ensure you suffer no financial losses on the costs of your private jet flight with us should the lockdown be extended. This assists our customers allowing them to secure the current price as opposed to the cost of a jet that is in an oversubscribed market and out of position. For more information contact our offices or see more about private jet charter Palma.

Charter-a is still operating whilst abiding by strict COVID guidelines worldwide
We will ensure the safety of the passengers and crew at all times Please consult our team for flight information & advice.