Frankfurt–Hahn Airport (Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn) is regarded as a minor international airport. The name Frankfurt is quite deceiving as it’s located 6.2 miles from a town called Kirchberg which is to the west of central Germany. But still a popular airport for private jet charter or hire flights to Frankfurt

Frankfurt Hahn airport is situated between Frankfurt and Luxembourg and by road it is 75 miles from each city. The purpose of using the name of Frankfurt was to act as a lower cost airport to Frankfurt Main, so allow low cost commercial operators to use this as the landing and handling fees are much lower.

What this has done is to allow private jet flights to have more options when flying to Frankfurt with lower landing and handling costs. The other added benefit for private jets to use Frankfurt Hahn is because it’s quieter there are more landing slots available as well as overnight parking. So private jet hire to Frankfurt Hahn as increased every year making it a popular airport for Business charter flights to Frankfurt.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport Information for Private Jet Hire

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