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Ascot Helicopters

Ascot Helicopters are available with Charter-A Ltd who have flown into and out of Ascot for the last 10 years with many happy customers. We even provide short notice helicopter charter to bring people home from Ascot after on occasion the Horses have provided big wins.

We provide several different types of helicopter to charter to Ascot please see below some options. The twin engine helicopters always seem to get chartered first because of their larger capacity, ability to fly from Battersea Heliport and there all weather capability.

Ascot AS355 Twin Squirrel Helicopter Charter

Helicopter: AS355 Twin Squirrel

Type: Twin Engine Helicopter

Passengers seats: 5 forward facing seats

Available to charter for Royal Ascot.

Ascot Agusta 109 Grand Helicopter Charter

Helicopter: Agusta 109 Grand

Type: Twin Engine IFR

Passengers seats: 6 in rear cabin

Available to charter for Royal Ascot.

Ascot Agusta 169 Helicopter Charter

Helicopter: Agusta 169 VIP

Type: Twin Engine IFR

Passengers seats: 8 in rear cabin

Limited availability

Ascot Ec155 VIP Helicopter Charter

Helicopter: EC155

Type: Twin Engine VIP IFR

Passengers seats: 8 in rear cabin

Limited availability

Useful links below for your day at Royal Ascot.

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Details on how to charter a helicopter from Charter-A to fly to Ascot Racecourse Berkshire.

Royal Ascot.

Details of 2018 Royal Ascot week, how to obtain tickets. The Official Royal Ascot site.

Types of Helicopters.

More details on types of Helicopters available to charter to Royal Ascot.

Flight time to Royal Ascot.

Flight times and further information about travel to Royal Ascot.

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