3 Seat DA42 lowest cost air taxi.

Charter DA42 air taxi plane charter. The DA42 TwinStar from Diamond is the ultimate flying machine. The TwinStar leads the way with exceptional range, economy and comfort. Fitted with an interior that rivals any high end luxury car, the leather seats and a spacious comfortable cabin give you a relaxing and enjoyable ride. Without doubt the lowest cost charter aircraft.

Our DA 42 air taxis can reach the airports and airfields other private charter planes cannot. Its sleek lines, ultra futuristic cockpit and comfortable leather interior make it both safe and aesthetically please to fly in to destinations around the UK and Europe.

Our DA 42 air taxis are the most economical and lowest priced private planes in the sky today to air charter.

Look what you can do when you charter the DA42

  • Up to 3 Passengers.
  • Lowest cost charter aircraft .
  • Most economical engines.
  • Latest safety features.
  • Short runway operation.
  • 200 mph
  • 1100 nm
  • Leather seats

Download the Charter DA42 information sheet. Common plane charter destinations include Luton, Cannes, Jersey, Bristol, Edinburgh, Dublin, Paris, Le Touquet, Manchester, Birmingham.

Some example flight times.

  • Jersey to Bristol – 1 hour 12 minutes
  • London Northolt to Chichester ( Goodwood ) – 35 minutes
  • Southampton to Manchester – 1 hour 19 minutes
  • Newquay to Cork – 1 hour 22 minutes