Air Taxi Rates, Costs & Prices.

A private flight in air taxi private plane will vary depending on your required flight route. An air taxi is primarily a term used to describe a flight from a local or regional airport that is a short hop, in the case of our air taxi flights typically within Europe or the UK for generally up to 8 passengers. Air taxi flights in regards to costs are very attractive because when you look at air taxi cost versus commercial flights they actually compare on a per passenger basis. It’s important to remember with an Air Taxi that you are chartering the whole plane so if you charter a private plane with 7 seats and put 1 passenger on you have another 7 seats you can potentially us.  Air taxi flights, especially in the current global situation mean that your biosecurity level is far more comfortable than being on a commercial flight, no standing in line with other people, no walking through larger busy public terminals all you do is turn up and fly we even pre clear you with border control.

Air Taxi Flight Cost Examples.

As an example of the costs of an air taxi flight, we can look at some popular routes in different private planes. An air taxi can be a small private jet, a prop plane or even a helicopter hire. The term has been popularized by the media but is essentially a cost-efficient way to use a private air charter and enjoy the same service level, comfort and time saving you would if you chartered a larger private jet. There air various types of air taxi private planes tat have different flight endurance and carry different amounts of passengers see types of air taxis for more information.

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Private flight London to Newquay up to 3 passengers.

DA42 Private Plane

Private flight London to Newquay up to 7 passengers.

King AIr 200 Air taxi

Private flight London to Paris up to 4 passengers.

Air Taxi Jet

Private flight London to Brussels up to 4 passengers.

Air Taxi Jet