How long

Do I need to

arrive before I fly?

When you fly on one of Charter-As private jets, private planes or Helicopters it very much depends on where you are travelling to. In most cases, it is a turn-up and take-off situation. Things that may require a ten or 15-minute arrival prior to your flight are maybe there may be a lot of luggage to load, more than 10 passengers to process or you may be flying from or to a country with more challenging border control processes.

Flying by private jet undoubtedly saves you time in the air and in 99% of cases saves you a massive amount of time moving through the airports

Your pilots are waiting.

We ensure as a matter of course that you are met at the private handling facility by at least one of the air crew and taken out to your waiting aircraft. NO waiting, no fuss. Just a pleasant hello from your flight crew and you are invited to board your private jet.

Private terminals for your private jet.

When flying to or from an airport in a private jet, private plane or one of our helicopters we will provide different terminal facilities other than the main terminals. These tend to be easier to access, with parking directly outside the facility and total privacy for our passengers. Your luggage is loaded directly and you will be shown through the facility which in general is a matter of 100 feet to your waiting aircraft.

ID requirements by private jet.

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