Photography by Olly StablerPhotography by Olly Stabler

The Ramblin’ Man Fair took off on 25th July in true rock ‘n’ roll style, providing the perfect opportunity to enjoy fantastic music, delicious food and time well spent with friends. With all eyes on the classic rock stage in eager anticipation of The Scorpions “rockin’ us like a hurricane”, we had the pleasure of transporting the band to the event.

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Rudolf, Klaus, Matthias, James and Pawel enjoyed a leisurely half-hour helicopter ride, arriving in time to tear up the stage with their classic anthems. The day may have been sunny, but the band certainly created a storm; lighting up the stage with their electric sound.

With a fun fair on site and The Scorpions following on from Dream Theatre and Saxon, the event was so successful that early bird tickets are already on sale for next year. In light of their new album being released in 2014, the crowd were eager even before the band emerged on stage, and sang along with them throughout the set.

Returning on the same helicopter that has entertained the likes of Tom Cruise, we really are paving the way in terms of luxury helicopter travel. We also had the pleasure of delivering Kiss to the Download festival in June and are excited about what the future holds for us.

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Once they arrived home safely, we received this text from the band: “Thank you, Mark, flight back to Denham was great, clear skies over London.” We are glad they enjoyed the journey as much as we did.

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If you are ever in need of a private helicopter, why not book the same model that has transported a host of rock ‘n’ roll legends? Call our team on 01737 668 023 for more information.

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