The Hawker 400XP is a light business jet that offers the best value, flexibility and low operating costs combined with a much larger jet’s spaciousness and technological sophistication. Additionally, it is powered by fuel-efficient Pratt & Whitney Canada engines. Indeed, the Hawker 400XP is the fastest light jet business jet in the light-jet market.

Charter Hawker 400XP private jet, which can seat up to seven people. Due to its comfort and speed, this aircraft is famous for chartering throughout Europe. Hawker 400XP planes are well-known in the world of light private jets. The Hawker 400 XP is a light jet with seven individual seats and an oval-shaped cabin. It can fly up to three hours, making it an ideal aircraft for short European vacations.

Jet Charter Hawker 400xp


The Hawker 400XP is a popular choice for both business and leisure flights. This light twin-engine aircraft is ideal for nonstop or mid-range flights because its uniquely structured cabin provides ample head and leg room.

It has a refreshment centre and a loo on the inside. With its lightning-fast speed (one of the fastest jets in its class) and spacious cabin, the Hawker 400XP whisks our clients away to short- and mid-range destinations in comfort.

Hawker 400 xp Cabin


  • Passenger Seating: 7 / 8
  • Cabin Length: 16’
  • Cabin Width: 4’ 10”
  • Cabin Height: 4’ 9”
  • Cabin Baggage (ft3): 6
  • Average Speed (mph): 518
  • On Board Lavatory: Yes