Why not fly to Stonehenge from London for the day.

Whilst London has many attractions none is as old or mysterious as Stonehenge the pre historic monument that is located 8 miles north of the county town of Salisbury.

By road this journey would take you over 2 and a half hours each way but by Helicopter it takes around 50 minutes.

Landing close to Stonehenge the Helicopter is the fastest way to get there. There is also a magnificent opportunity for an aerial shot of Stonehenge on approach to your landing site.

What is Stonehenge ?

Stonehenge dates back five thousand years before Christ and is one of the oldest pre historic monuments in the world. Steeped in mystery about its purpose and construction it is an integral part of the English landscape that is looked after by English Heritage who protect this outstanding monument.

Helicopter Stonehenge.

We provide Helicopter charter to Stonehenge in your own Helicopter unique to your party. We can fly you from your chosen departure point be that the London Heliport or even your Hotel if you are staying outside London to Stonehenge. Our landing site is very close to Stonehenge and we can easily arrange ground transport and private tour of this Monument if required.

We are able to charter single or twin engine helicopters that carry from 3 to 16 passengers please ask our operation team if your party is larger as we are able to provide multiple helicopters from our helicopter charter fleet.[vc_column_text]

Our helicopter charter services.

Charter-A provide helicopter charters across the UK for business and pleasure alike from a large fleet of helicopters flow by experienced pilots. We conduct Helicopter transfers, helicopter flights to Paris and corporate helicopter days to name but a few. for more information read our Helicopter hire page or contact us for help and advice.

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