Eurocopter EC155 Helicopter Charter

The EC-155 is a high-performance, long-range helicopter. The spacious cabin offers a luxurious 6-8 seat VIP interior, making the EC-155 interior the largest in its category and suitable for various roles. Passengers will appreciate the panoramic view and the feeling of a vast open space. The EC-155 features a class-leading low external noise signature, which, combined with a vibration-free ride, ensures the highest level of comfort for passengers equal to that of a luxury business jet.

  • 8 Passenger Helicopter
  • VIP Interior
  • Spacious Luxury Cabin
  • VIP Twin Engine Helicopter
  • Business Helicopter
  • Flies in a Variety of Conditions
  • Quiet Corporate Helicopter
  • Great Night Flying Aircraft

The Civil Aviation Authority CAA regulates all flights