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Eurocopter EC135 Helicopter Charter


Our EC135s carry up to six passengers in comfort — one up front beside the pilot for the ultimate flying experience, and five in the beautifully crafted leather cabin behind. Physical comfort isn’t the only luxury however; low noise and vibration levels ensure the quietest flight possible, making the EC135 the ideal helicopter to hire for business trips where the meeting can continue in flight, or for a cosseted and relaxing treat.

EC135 Helicopter charter

Eurocopter EC135 Helicopter Hire 

  • 1 to 6 Passengers
  • 1 Seat in the Cockpit
  • 5 Spacious Luxury Seats in Cabin
  • VIP Twin Engine Helicopter
  • Business Helicopter
  • Flies in Variety of Conditions
  • Quiet Corporate Helicopter
  • Great Night Flying Aircraft

All flights are regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority CAA