We at Charter-a provide multiple types of helicopters for transfer and hire to and from Southend airport for clients using Jet Charter to Southend. With helicopters positioned within Essex, we can supply helicopter hire at short notice providing VIP, luxury business helicopters for charter.

We can supply helicopters for up to 6 passengers, and if you have more wishing to travel – no problem we can use more than one helicopter to get you to your final destination. The benefit of helicopter transfers is we can collect you or drop you off at your final destination if the property has a large enough landing area. So we can collect you from your home or take you to a luxury restaurant or hotel such as the Le Manoir, The Grove Hotel and so many more.

Helicopter charter Cheltenham


We can provide at least five helicopter types for your charter so depending on your budget, the number of passengers and the times of your flight will depend on what helicopter will suit your requirements.

  • Agusta Grand (Six passengers seats – night flight – twin engine)
  • Eurocopter EC135 (Six passengers seats – night flight – twin engine)
  • Eurocopter EC130 (Six passenger seats – daylight only – single engine)
  • Eurocopter EC120 (Four passenger seats – daylight only – single engine)
  • Robinson R44 (Three passenger seats – daylight only – single engine)
Helicopter next to private jet


Many of our oversea clients travel to Southend by private jet as it’s a cheap airport to land at and park at. The other benefits are the operating hours of the airport.

So if your considering flying by private jet into the UK and need to visit the London city centre then we can provide a 25min helicopter transfer/shuttle service for you, taking you directly into the heart of London.