Travelling to Cardiff by helicopter offers multiple benefits as helicopter hire will save you time and allow you to travel to and from as you don’t need an airport as an arrival destination. So, suppose you’re considering travelling to the Celtic Manor for a golfing weekend, business meeting or seminar. In that case, we can fly you directly onto their helipad instead of landing at Cardiff Airport. Celtic Manor is just an example. Providing the private site has sufficient space; we can charter a helicopter to and from Cardiff from your property to your final destination.

The benefits of helicopter hire can sometimes outweigh private jet to Cardiff, although both have advantages and disadvantages against one another. But helicopter and jet hire is better than ground travel or commercial flights. Contact us today for a private helicopter or jet quote.



Helicopters used for helicopter flights to Cardiff are twin-engine and single-engine helicopters; we have the pleasure of supplying you with both options. Sometimes, choosing a single or twin can be because of your preference, or more often than not, it’s due to the times you wish to fly. Night flights have to be in a twin engine.

For your bespoke charter quote, please complete the online enquiry form or give us a call at 020 7781 8094

Allow our team to assist with your private jet charter requirements, providing the correct aircraft to suit your needs and budget.


Biggin Hill Helicopter on the pad


Helicopter options can vary depending on several factors based on your requirements; below are just some of the things we have to consider to ensure we are providing you with a suitable helicopter for charter.

  • Routing and dates
  • How many passengers are travelling?
  • Time of day you are considering flying.
  • Are the pickup and arrival locations private sites?
  • What (if any) are the landing fees at the private site?
  • What are the airport’s operational hours if it’s at an airport?
Helicopter Charter with Charter-a


With Charter-a, the process is simple: you contact us, and we will ask the relevant questions to ensure we quote you the correct helicopter. Then, once we have allocated the right aircraft in the nearest position to your departure point, you will receive a no-obligation quote without any hidden charges.

If and when you choose the option we have provided, our flight coordinators will explain the simple booking process, and our dedicated team will manage your helicopter flight from start to finish!