Why helicopter charter?

Helicopter charter in the UK is used by businesses, individuals, for events, Meetings, celebrity flights, airport transfers and many other reasons. The main benefit of chartering your own helicopter is it is the only bay you can buy time back when travelling. For example flying from London Battersea Heliport to say Newquay in the West Country can take as little as 1 hour 15 minutes by helicopter where as driving it is likely to be 5 hours without traffic so on a round trip that saves you seven and a half hours when you compare a helicopter flight to a car.

Other reasons people charter helicopters include not only the speed and time saving but things like, confidentiality, luxury, convenience, avoiding traffic at events.

What every your reason for wishing to charter a helicopter read on to learn how to make an effective helicopter charter request.

The correct helicopter for your requirements.

Charter-A Ltd has access to the largest fleet of helicopters based in every corner of the UK and many places in-between. When you decide to charter a helicopter it is important that you choose the correct helicopter for the job. There are two distinct groups of helicopters that are single engine day helicopters and twin engine helicopters able to fly at night. There are different capacities, ranges, cabin styles, all weather capabilities.

Charter-A Ltds expert helicopter charter team can guide you and proved effective options for your requirement.

For more information visit types of helicopter available to charter.

Make an effective helicopter charter request.

In order to help us help you with your helicopter charter request it is sensible to provide the following details for your helicopter charter requirement.

The number of passengers – This allows us to help determine which helicopter is best suited to your requirement.

The departure point required – This allows us to offer a suitably close or exact place to operate the helicopter from, also we can determine the closest appropriate helicopter to you in order to save you money on helicopter positioning.

Your end destination – We will always try to get you directly to your required site but if not we will know the closest place we can get you, we have a vast data base of privet helicopter landing sites that we have built up over the years.

Dates and times are important – by providing dates and times to us it allows us to provide a correct quotation taking in to account and out of hours charges at airports, night time flying which will affect which helicopter you use and other aspects of flight planning that are required.

By providing the above information you assist us to help you save yourself money and time ending up with the most effective aircraft for your helicopter charter.

Fill out the helicopter charter request, call us on +44(0) 1737 823 733 or email helicopter@charter-a.com

Your helicopter charter quote.

With sufficient information provided by you for your helicopter charter we will then send you some options that are available to you, these options will be the most efficient that fit your requirements. All details are included on our helicopter charter quotes.

What included in the helicopter charter price.

In short all charges are included with your helicopter charter quote within the specified mission. What is also included is the highest levels of service and helicopters in the industry today

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