Glastonbury Helicopter Flights.

Flying to Glastonbury by Helicopter takes the pain out of getting to this world class music festival. Helicopter flights to Glastonbury take a fraction of the time when travelling to Glastonbury versus the car.

Up to 10 hours in a car from London ?

Glastonbury is located in the heartland of Cider country, in the South West of England. Travelling to Glastonbury by car from any location in the UK takes a lot of time for a couple of reasons. Firstly the geographical distances, even for the UK are generally large and secondly and most importantly the road infrastructure is not built for the huge amount of cars that arrive at Glastonbury every year. So if you do go to Glastonbury by car leave in the very early hours of the morning or the night before to ensure your journey does not spoil the event.

It has been know that journeys from London to Glastonbury have taken ten hours from your door in London in to the car park at Glastonbury !


Alternatively fly by Helicopter – 50 minutes door to door.

We fly many people to Glastonbury year in year out in our modern fleet of Helicopters based around the UK. Put simply chartering a Helicopter to fly to Glastonbury is easy, fun and stylish. We can depart from many different locations around the UK and its as simple as booking your Helicopter, turning up and flying straight into the heart of the music festival.

H120 4 seat Helicopter.

Our Airbus H120 or EC120 as they were formally know are an ideal Helicopter to travel to Glastonbury for 4 passengers.

Agusta 109 Grand 6 seat Helicopter.

Our twin engine 6 seat Agusta 109 Grand Helicopters are the fastest civilian helicopters in service today.

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