5 useful facts about Basel.

Basel is a City in Switzerland but sits on the borders of three countries. People go to Basel in the winter months for the skiing, through the year to attend football events and occasionally just to use Mulhouse airport which is the airport that serves Basel to access French German or Swiss towns not served by other airports.

Fact 1. Basels airport is called Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg and whilst Basel is in Switzerland its airport is actually in France.

Fact 2. Basel has a world class football stadium called St. Jakob-Park where Basel FC are based. Many international matches are played here and people flock from all over Europe to watch the games flying into Basel Mulhouse airport which is around 20 minutes from Basel.

Fact 3. Basel in situated on the mighty river Rhine, from its source in the Swiss Alps the Rhine winds its way through Europe for 766 miles making it the longest river in Europe.

Fact 4. Flying from London by private jet to Basel takes around 01:25 minutes in one of our privet jets or around 02:00 hours in one of our turbo prop private planes.

Fact 5. Basel is the third largest city in Switzerland with the 3rd largest population.

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