Christmas private flights

Fly by private jet this Christmas.

Posted on 7th September 2017 by Charter A
Private flights Christmas and New Year 2017 Private flights over Christmas and New Year 2017 are an easy way to get where you need to be quickly without encountering the inevitable flight delays that commercial flights are exposed to over the festive period. By using a private jet, turbo prop or helicopter for your festive [...]
Private jet ibiza to Mikonos

Flight time Ibiza to Mykonos by CJ2 Private Jet.

Posted on 10th May 2016 by Charter A

Flight time Ibiza to Mykonos. The flight time from Ibiza to Mykonos by Citation jet 2 private jet is shown below, it should be noted that there is only a 15 minute check in which differs from commercial flight where a 2 or even 3 hour check in is required. The citation jet 2 in […]

Private Jet Charter from London to Paris

Posted on 2nd March 2015 by Charter A

For clients who like to travel in a little more style or are tired of uncomfortable commercial plane seating with minimal leg room, we offer a luxurious experience with our private jet charter for a number or destinations including our extremely popular London to Paris trip. Whether it is a special trip for you and […]