Eurocopter EC130 Helicopter Charter

If you want the wow factor on your arrival then look no further than our EC130, one of the most impressive helicopters in the UK. The helicopter is fitted with a number of ultra-modern features but nothing can out do the huge expanse of glass giving you an amazing view. As well as the seven seats (one is the pilots!) and heated cabin, the EC130 has a huge rear cargo area and Emergency Floats.

All flights are regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)

Why Should You Choose Charter-a Ltd

  • Charter-A Ltd vet all aircraft to ensure that they have valid and up to date safety certification to the highest standards.
  • Charter-A arranged around 3,000 charter contracts each year consisting of tens of thousands of flights.
  • All clients are allocated a personal account manager who will deal with your request and the details surrounding your flight, get to know your personal preferences. Each account manager works with a team offering support 24 hours a day.
  • Charter-A Ltd has healthy annual revenues . Small charter companies offer the aircraft, but not the security, experience and back up of a larger organisation such as Charter-A Ltd.
  • Charter-A Ltd provide value for our customers based on their requirements. With thousands of aircraft available, the lowest price on the market can often mean the lowest quality, and reliability of aircraft. Charter-A Ltd offer a range of options to allow you to make informed decisions based on factors such as price and quality. Charter-a Ltd offer some of the most competitive prices on the market, but where we make the difference is providing value.

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