London Battersea Heliport Re-Opening

Posted on 21st May 2020 by Charter A

London Re-Opening for Helicopters With travel restrictions now starting to ease, we are pleased to let you know that as of Tuesday 26th May the London Heliport will be re-opening following the recent lockdown. The heliport will be implementing several measures to ensure the safety of passengers and staff, allowing us to again provide safe […]

Private Jet from London

Private Jet London to Paris

Posted on 7th January 2020 by Charter A
Private Jet Charter London to Paris. Flying by private jet from London to Paris is one of our most popular routes, from London there is a very helpful choice of departure airports around London which add to convenience when travelling to join your private flight. The London departure airports that we have based jets at [...]
Empty leg private jet from New York to Stansted

Empty leg private jet from New York to Stansted

Posted on 21st October 2019 by Charter A
Private jet empty leg departing tomorrow for up to 8 passengers departing 2000 Local. Challenger private jet returning back to base empty. Flight available for up to 8 passengers. Total cost £10,000 inclusive of all charges. #
Learjet 60 charter jet

Empty legs from Biggin Hill October 2019 – December 2019

Posted on 2nd October 2019 by Charter A
Empty leg flights on the Learjet 75 from Biggin HIll. Please see below empty leg flight options for the new Learjet 45XR and 75 based from Biggin Hill near London. Please contact us for these routes or another route that you may have in mind that may fit with one of our empty leg flights. [...]
London Heliport

Where can you land a Helicopter in London ?

Posted on 26th September 2019 by Charter A
Heliports London. There are two places to land a helicopter in London they are Battersea Heliport in the West of London and Falcon Heliport which is in the East of London very often know as Docklands Heliport. Bothe Heliports in most cases demand use of a twin-engine helicopter to cope with their safety rules. Falcon [...]
Charter Agusta 109 Helicopter

How much luggage can an Agusta 109 Grand carry?

Posted on 24th September 2019 by Charter A
Luggage Capacity of Agusta 109 Grand. The Agusta 109 Grand Helicopter is our most popular helicopter to charter. They have a large luggage bay in the rear just before the helicopters tail boom. This can carry up to 120 Kilos in weight in fact we generally run out of space before we go over weight. [...]
London Heliport

What are the opening hours of Battersea Heliport ?

Posted on 20th September 2019 by Charter A
Heliport opening hours. Operational hours of the London Heliport Battersea are shown below. These may vary with bank holidays and ATC required break and should be checked in advance of your helicopter charter. Additional charges for out of hours charters apply on week days prior to 0730 and after 1929. For more information visit [...]
private jet pet travel

Can I take my dog on a private jet ?

Posted on by Charter A
When flying by private jet am I able to have my dog or pet sit in the cabin of the private jet with me? The answers to both questions are yes, your doggies and pets are welcomed on board our private jets with the correct relevant paperwork and can fly with you in the cabin [...]
Private Jet from London

Flight time from Biggin Hill

Posted on by Charter A
Example flight times from London Biggin Hill on the Citation Jet 2+. Flying from Biggin Hill, an airport located 12 miles to the Southeast of London you can reach many places quickly. Below is a table that shows flight times based on our most popular private Jet the Citation jet 2 + which carries up [...]
London Heliport

Helicopter flight times from London.

Posted on 19th September 2019 by Charter A
Flying by Helicopter from London. The flight times below are based on departure from London Battersea Helport in a twin engine Agusta 109 Grand Helicopter with 4 passengers on board. The table also shows the tme to drive the same distance as an interesting comparison to the helicopter and how a helicopter does buy you [...]