Arrive fresher, closer

Your time is your own and the real value is “hours”.

Charter-A Ltd private Jets are able to fly into many more airports across Europe than any scheduled operation.  Your flight can depart from an airport convenient to your home or office and arrive much closer to your ultimate destination.  Overcrowded departure lounges become a distant memory.

Should you have an ad hoc requirement for a larger aircraft for a particular flight, this can also be arranged.

Charter-A Ltd private Jets customer offering is all about convenience and affordability.  We acknowledge that today’s business environment requires a complete reappraisal of private aircraft travel.  It is no longer a luxurious extravagance, more an indispensable business tool.

There is no such thing as “down time” when your people are getting to where they need to be in the privacy and convenience of your own jet.

Say goodbye to lengthy check-in procedures and board your aircraft according to your schedule.  You and your colleagues can then benefit from a confidential working environment.

You shouldn’t even need to think twice.

Why not spend a few moments reflecting upon the value that your company and shareholders place on you and your key staff, whether by hourly rate or output.

Now consider the alternative scenario of lengthy check-in procedures, rail and road delays getting to and from busy commercial airports, baggage handling strikes and flight cancellations with no fallback position.  Then of course, there are the high levels of “Executive Stress” that go along with wondering if a business meeting is going to be reached on time, if at all; particularly when you factor in travel to the city center in question from typically far flung airport outposts.  It doesn’t really bear thinking about does it?

Make sure that you and your colleagues get back to where you want to be rather than wasting time and money having to stay away overnight because the commercial airline’s schedule did not agree with your own.

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