Helicopter Charter Birmingham

Needing to urgently get to your business meeting, then why not consider helicopter hire or charter with us at Charter-a Ltd. We provide private helicopters throughout the UK and in particular the East Midlands. Whether you need a helicopter transfer from your private jet at Birmingham Airport or need collecting from a private address, hotel, restaurant or sporting event then we can provide the right helicopter for you. Benefits of using Birmingham Airport for helicopter hire is that it’s open 24hrs a day

Our team of flight coordinators have the experience and extensive knowledge of rotary wing (helicopters) so therefore based on your exact requirements we ensure your quoted on the correct helicopter. Knowing your route, departure and arrival point along with passenger numbers and the most important factor the times you’d like to fly play a major factor in what helicopter is suitable for you.


We provide helicopter transfers if your travel to and from Birmingham is by private jet. Private jets are great to get you near your final destination but a helicopter is perfect to ensure you arrive at the exact location you need to get to. So helicopter transfer give you the complete air travel service.


Below is just a brief insight to helicopter types available for you based on the seating configuration and whether they are single or twin engine helicopters.

  • Agusta 109 Power (Twin engine – 6 passengers)
  • Agusta Grand (Twin engine – 6 passengers)
  • Eurocopter EC130 (Single engine – 6 passengers)
  • Eurocopter EC120 (Single engine – 4 passengers)
  • Jetranger (Single engine – 4 passengers)
  • R44 (Single engine – 2 passengers)

Contact us for a bespoke helicopter hire or transfer quotation +44 (0)20 7781 8094