Air taxi plane charter.

Here at Charter-A Ltd, we offer our customers a range of flight options and this includes our fantastic air taxi hire. We currently operate throughout the UK and Europe, providing our clients with the opportunity to travel in luxury. Air Taxis cater for short flights and can take the form of any aircraft such as helicopters, prop planes or light jets.

Air taxi prop plane charter

If you are looking for a cost-effective way of chartering a private aircraft, take a closer look at our air taxi options. Charter-A Ltd’s incredible fleet are positioned in various locations throughout the UK and Europe, providing luxury travel options to superb locations for an affordable price.

Why Choose Our Air Taxi Services?

Charter-A Ltd also supply private plane hire to our client base and we are proud to say that we are consistently welcoming new customers. We are an incredibly professional company and we strive to uphold our fantastic reputation in the travel industry. Our fleet of private planes are incredibly well-maintained and we guarantee that our customers will enjoy the entire luxury experience.

When inquiring about chartering a plane ask us about our additional services, such as a private chauffeur to pick you up from the airport or in-flight champagne.

Plane Charter or Air Taxi for groups

Charter-A Ltd are able to provide air taxi or plane charter flights for larger groups of passengers from 4 – 500 plus passengers we call this type of air charter group air charter.

Private plane charter flight time examples.

London to Paris 1 hour in a King air 200 for 8 passengers | London to Edinburgh 1 Hour in a King air 350 6 passengers | London to Newquay 1 hour 10 minutes in a DA42 3 passengers | Cannes to London 2 hours 10 Minutes | Newquay to Manchester 50 Minutes. Other destinations Paris, Glasgow, Cannes, Nice, Milan, Berlin, Frankfurt, Dublin, Newcastle, Carlisle, Blackpool, Cardiff, Birmingham, Amsterdam, Belfast, Bordeaux, Rennes asnd many more destinations.

Smaller Airfield Access

Air Taxi / Private Plane can reach smaller airfields closer to where you need to be allowing you to attend multiple meetings in one day due to nearer landing facilities than jets. Other benefits are cheaper landing and handling fees for example £35.00 to land at Redhill Aerodrome instead of £150.00 at Biggin Hill.

Group Air Charter

Turbo Prop’s are capable of carrying between 1 to 50 passengers and are excellent for short hops within the UK and Europe. Ideal for that corporate business day out, for example day return from Luton to Newquay for 19 passengers is £8900 or perhaps needing a turbo prop for a weekend away to Paris for Rugby or Newcastle for a night out! Read about the cost of plane charter .

Plane Charter prices

Air Taxis are cost effective and can be up to 60% cheaper than a private jet or helicopter so it also makes commercial sense. Flying by private plane gives you back time. As an example one of our regular flyers had a meeting in Manchester and Edinburgh in the same day, he was able to achieve both and still be home for dinner with the family.

Freight Forwarding

Air Taxis are considered to be an excellent choice of aircraft when needing to get a product, part or an important document to a location within the UK and Europe. Our services have been used for aircraft parts for major airline companies grounded, documents for a Court of Law and not forgetting organs for hospitals throughout the UK.